Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications

The Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications are Canadian Permanent Residence applications which are filed from within Canada. These applications are for people who have not acquired or have lose their status while living in Canada and making Canada their home for a number of years. The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act allows the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to grant Permanent Resident status if the Minister determined that it is justified based on certain criteria such as:

The Factors

Length of Time in Canada
Having Family Ties in Canada
Having children living in Canada whose best interest is directly affected
Work or Education in Canada
Language Skills; both English and/or French
Savings and Property in Canada
Social and Community Involvements
Hardships suffering if the applicant is to return to his/her home country

Unlike pending refugee claims pending Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications does not prevent citizenship and Immigration Canada from deporting the Applicant from Canada before his/her application is processed. Therefore it is important to contact us in order for us to assess your case and find out if you are eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada under the Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds Program.